Tonight’s True Blood *Spoilers*

Oh I am loving this so much! I couldn’t wait until the end to start typing. Where to start? Oh, I know… ERIC IS BAAAAACK! MY Eric, not Alan Ball’s Eric with a v-jay-jay. AWESOME. He is sexy once more. And I never thought that I would be so happy, because Dead to the World is my favorite book in the entire series. But they (writers for HBO) totally emasculated him, so this is much, much better. *Insert drooling here because I know my husband won’t read this.*

What’s next? Oh, so with all the sappy, “You’re a miracle!” crap of the last two episodes, I hadn’t even planned to watch this tonight once the Monkey went to bed, but I am so glad I did. I am back on the can’t-wait-for-next-week-train! Many reasons, one of which is my fear that Jesus is going to kick the bucket. I mean, since Lafayette wasn’t supposed to live past season 1, (probably the best improvement from the books,) what reason do they have to let him be happy and keep his boyfriend? It never works for Tara. Plus sad characters make for more drama. Still, I have such a… what would you call it? A not-on-my-team-crush? A man-I-can’t-have-crush? Either way, I have it for Jesus and Lafayette.

And Tommy died! Aww. Surprise, it was actually sweet. I didn’t cry but I was very touched. I’m loving that Sam and Alcide are ready to kick some ass. Can. Not. Wait until they get to Alcide’s house and find Marcus with Debbie the Trailer Trash Werewolf.

Best of all, I loved the Fort Bellefleur stuff. If you didn’t want to marry Terry Bellefleur before, you will now. Maybe (Debbie’s sister from another mister) Arlene will miraculously get killed and then we can find someone who actually deserves him… Eric is the one you take home tonight, Terry is the one you take home forever.

Okay, I think I’m done gushing. Blame me being sick so my normal TB friends didn’t come over to watch it tonight, plus the hubs is out of town. They normally get all this junk. I guess I could talk to Monkey, but she finally went to sleep and I plan to enjoy this brief moment of peace while I can.

Night everyone!


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