More thoughts about Kim Harrison

I think she suffers from the same problem I think I do. In order to get really good plots going, with all kinds of story lines going this way or that, you have to do some setup. Sometimes this setup can seem a little slow when compared to the action it precedes. This is how I feel about the second Hollows book, The Good, The Bad, and The Undead. On my next to last post, I talked about why I wasn’t sure if I liked these books or not, and now I’m in the can’t-put-them-down phase again. Sings*What a difference a day makes…*

Anyway, I needed to set the record straight. Now I’m going to struggle through my headache and keep reading, because, well, I’ve already said. (Also, as a disclaimer, I am in no way comparing my work to that of Kim Harrison, or trying to equate our respective talents.)


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