Happy Anniversary!!*Contests*

Hello Everyone! In honor of the first anniversary of finishing Second Death, I am running a few contests. The first is on Twitter, for my followers: the first 10 people to Retweet and get me a new follower get a free copy for them and our new friend! The second contest is a giveaway for the first ten people to comment on my blog. Finally, anyone who would like to review my book will not only get a free copy, but, (if they would like,) they will get to be a Beta reader for the sequel, Second Life!

Ready….. GO! Contest ends October 31st!


13 responses to “Happy Anniversary!!*Contests*

  1. Strike that EMILY REESE ROCKS!!!!
    Will be reposting your link hope to help get you more readers, and to get a chance to read your book!

    • Susan, after my husband, (who edits,) you are my first choice for a Beta reader! Your support and encouragement has been awesome, and if I could have 100 more fans like you, Stephanie Meyer would have nothing on me!

  2. Hi,
    I love to have second Death ’cause i’m from Belgium and I can only buy the book through Amazon and I’m not that good with buying on the internet. also I am in a little club that read books and revieuw.

    • I appreciate you wanting a copy of my book, Dagmar. I’m very flattered. However I can only give out the coupon code through Smashwords at this time. However, Smashwords does have the format you would need for the Kindle, if that’s what’s limiting you. Please let me know if this will work so I can get your code sent!

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