This is what I needed today.

So I’m working on my sequel, Second Life, and I’m having what I feel is the same problem I had with my first book. I think my hook is okay, but then when it comes to set up for the middle, it drags me down; and if it drags me down, it drags my readers down too. In SD it was when I was setting up with Mike for the big conversation with Lana. My husband and I worked on it, and I hope it didn’t seem that way when you actually read it, but still. I don’t want to have to rework all that. I want suspense, humor, excitement, or action in every page of every book I ever write. If you’re going to dream, why not dream big?

Enter Novel Publicity’s tweets. Today there was a blog article about road mapping your story and it was just what I needed. After reading this article, I’ve decided to synop (or whatever the correct tense is for making a synopsis,) summarize, and break up my outline into chapters so I can do what I really want: skip around and only work on the chapters I want to work on that day. I think it’s really going to move things along, with minimal effort on my part. After all, queries always want summaries and synopsis… synopses… synopsii? What the hell ever. Here’s the link. If you’re trying to write something, this is a great help.

Thank you Novel Publicity and Ms. Reyes!

Happy reading, happy writing!


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