An Apology

I would just like to take a minute here to apologize to the following: Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Charlaine Harris, Rick Riordan, Stephanie Meyer, Ransom Riggs, P.C. Cast, and any other authors I may have complained about not writing fast enough. Yes, I loved your books, and yes, I’d love to read more, but now that people are giving me the same (friendly, loving, jovial,) complaints… yeah this sucks. I mean, no pressure, right?

All we want is for you to make something just as good, or preferable better as your last book. Never mind that you had unlimited time to work on your first book, (more or less,) because no one was reading your stuff yet. Now we want it tomorrow. We give no thought to the fact that what made your characters interesting in the first place was learning who they are. Now we want you take to people we already know and make them interesting… again! We want action and subplots, excitement, but all with the familiarity of your first book, without being repetitive. Oh, and did I mention we’d like to tomorrow?

Those were my exact thoughts… until someone asked that of me. Now, ugh… I only hope I can be worthy of these requests and my readers.

And to those authors I mentioned, and you know what? All those I haven’t mentioned either… writing a book in a year is amazing. Writing two a year is damn near superhero-ish. You have my respect and awe.


Happy reading, happy (and pressure free) writing!


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