A Poll for My Readers

So I’m throwing some ideas around for how I’m going to finish this series… or at least what will happen in book three. Some of these decisions are going to be dictated by how things play on in book two. Having had strong opinions between Jacob and Edward, Bill and Eric, Ron or Harry, etc. I thought I’d give you, my beloved readers, a chance to tell me what you want.

I can’t promise I’ll please all of you, but I also can promise Claire won’t get pregnant, have a half-vampire baby, and everyone will end up a couple. Because that’s just silly.

Comment here and tell me who you want Claire to end up with. I’m not saying I’ll do it, but I’d like to know the general consensus. Your options are:

1. Ben

2. Mike

3. Another male vampire I have yet to meet

4. Another male human I haven’t met yet

(For my LGBT friends, Claire doesn’t play for your team. But I have some characters that do, never fear!)


*Who do ya’  luuuuuuuuv! I said who do you luv!* (I am so playing my air guitar right now.)


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