Six Sentence Sunday 2

For my next feat… well, first, I’d like to thank everyone for their supportive comments last time. It was FANTASTIC. Here’s hoping you guys will like these six just as much! (Yes, I know I may have a ridiculous love affair with commas. Blame the voices in my head; the commas are when they breathe.)

He had been in my class from the start. According to the attendance logs, he was one of the few who had never missed a lecture, but since he sat towards the back and never raised his hand, I had no reason to pay much attention to him. Looking back, the only thing I remembered about him was that the other kids didn’t pay much attention to him either. It was with some surprise then, that I heard him call out a question while I was in mid-sentence.

“Why these girls, Professor Wallace? What makes them so tempting for vampires?”

I glanced up from my notes, searching the crowded lecture hall for the speaker.

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Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next Sunday! Also, check back every Monday for features from the new YA novel Farsighted by Emlyn Chand.

Happy reading, happy writing.



2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 2

  1. good six! I did have a bit of trouble following it though with all the commas, but I hear you on the love affair part. Commas and semi colons, although I find myself using em dashes way too much lately!

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