Six Sentence Sunday – 3

It’s that time again! Six sentences from my book Second Death. I’ve been thinking pretty hard about what I want to post, and I find myself torn. Part of me wants to post my favorite parts, and part of me wants to save those because I don’t want to give everything away. I’ve decided on introducing one of my favorite characters instead. Here is an exchange between Ben and Claire:

“You’re overreacting, Love,” Ben had told me. I had to bite back the string of profanities I was itching to say.

“I’m not. The boy is not going to give up. It’s only a matter of time before he shows up on Lana’s doorstep, and then who knows what might happen, to him or to us? You would not believe the determination this kid has; I felt it and it was… it was as if his entire being was powered by it. There’s no good outcome here. I’m coming.”

“To do what?” I’d been expecting the question, but I still couldn’t think of an answer.


Hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you back here soon!

You can purchase Second Death at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

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Happy reading, happy writing!


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