Six Sentence Sunday 4

Man! I forgot about Six Sentence Sunday until Thursday, so my link is waaaaaay down at the bottom. Hopefully someone will click it and come visit. Oh well. Anyway, here’s my six!!

The more he thought about it, the more he liked this idea. A few more minutes, and he’d made up his mind. He’d leave behind Mike of the Monroe twins Mike and Meghan, recently orphaned son of Jenny and Mike Sr., hereditary owner of Monroe Automotive. Mike the college student, going through the motions, clinging to an idea that could put his life back together until a professor had shut him down.

Now he could just be Mike Monroe from somewhere in Texas. He found freedom in that brief description.

I counted very, very carefully, and if this isn’t six, then the punctuation moved on it’s own. Hope you enjoyed it and will come back to visit soon!

You can read reviews of Second Death here.

You can buy Second Death at Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, and Smashwords.

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