Six Sentence Sunday

What number are we on? I’ve lost track. Any-whoo, the past few weeks I’ve been showcasing snippets from my book Second Death. Just in case you’re getting bored with that, (which I hope you’re not,) I decided to do something new.

Today, we have… drum roll please…. the first Six Sentence Sunday featuring a preview of the sequel! Tentatively titled Second Life, here’s a little teaser. This has yet to be thoroughly edited, so if there’s something obnoxiously wrong, it should be fixed eventually. Just thought I’d mix it up a little.

Now for one important fact:


Everybody ready? Okay, here we go!


In an instant, Ben had covered the distance between them and had Mike by the throat with his right hand.

“Let me make a few things plain to you, boy,” the vampire said through clenched teeth. “Claire asked me to make sure you survived. She said nothing about suffering quips from a petulant child. I would not want to let her down. Would you?”


Hehehehehe. Did you like it? I feel so evil giving you a taste of something unfinished. Then again, maybe it will satiate those of you that are about ready to give me a lobotomy in search of a sequel. Please comment if you want to hear more sneak peeks or if you would rather me not be a tease.

Thank you all so much for visiting every Sunday, for your wonderful and insightful comments, and most of all thanks to everyone who makes Six Sentence Sunday possible!

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Happy reading, happy writing!


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