Six Sentence Sunday

Wow. Without Farsighted Mondays, I’ve kind of slacked off a bit haven’t I? The holidays will do that to you. So will getting sick via toddler, which is the state I currently find myself in. In an effort to get back to my “real job” aka blowing my nose again, I’m going to make this quick.

Something in my head refused to believe what I was seeing. After everything that had happened, I just couldn’t take any more.

“David please! I won’t touch your gun. I just don’t want you to be alone.”

He stared at me long and hard before extending his hand; the gun never moved from his temple.


So there you go. This is just something that was rolling around in my head, it’s not part of anything yet. Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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Happy reading, *sniff sniff* happy writing.


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