As I am now considered an adult with no wiggle room (I turned 30 yesterday,) I have some things I need to fess up on.

Firstly, I’m terrible about keeping a journal, diary, or making regular entries in things like this blog for instance. So please forgive the sporadic posts. In an effort to curb this, I’m going to try to talk the Hubs into writing a weekly post, in addition to my own. I think he’s hilarious, and he does have a knack for words.

Second, I’m not writing right now. If you know how to motivate yourself past staying home with a toddler, the holidays, a million video game releases of the highest caliber, and the nagging pressure from people actually wanting to read your sequel — please help!

Third, there will be no Six Sentence Sunday this week. It’s my birthday, so I’m taking off.

Okay, I think that’s all for now, plus my toddler is demanding more undivided attention.


Happy reading, happy writing, and Happy Holidays!


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