Six Sentence Sunday

Last week there was a bit of Linky issues, so if you weren’t subscribed to my Twitter or Facebook feeds, you probably didn’t see my submission. This week should be fine. Here you go:

As always with Ben, I felt there was more that needed to be said, but the timing wasn’t right. Yet another thing I promised myself I’d deal with tomorrow. I had an unpleasant clean up ahead of me, not to mention I was still worried sick about Mike. Possibilities were forming in my head about who would’ve taken him and why, and they all made my skin crawl.
I pulled myself up from the ground, wincing as I noticed my sore legs for the first time, and suddenly feeling incredibly tired. I had never realized how much energy it took to engage in full on combat with my own kind.

I’m starting to agree with some of your comments: I do use comments an awful lot. I think that’s because I put in commas where I would breathe or pause in conversation, and that’s how I hear Claire. And I did it again. This is why I need an editor, (sorry Honey!)

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Thanks for stopping by, have a great week! Happy reading, happy writing!


6 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Thank you Wendy! Mike is the character I’ve had to work hardest on. I’m very unsure about writing men, because I want them to be as real as possible. Glad you stopped by!

      • I’m an idiot. I’ve done this so many time I forgot which one I put out today, lol! Last weeks was Mike, this weeks is Claire. But, seriously, thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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