Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday! Thank you all for coming by and be sure to support other Six Sentence authors by visiting the main page here.

From the sequel to Second Death:

Claire didn’t wait for a response, she simply dropped her bag and wrapped her arms around him. Her determination won out; eventually she felt the tension ease out of him and he returned the hug.
“It’s good to have you back, Love. You never stay around long enough.”
“That’s because I can only take you in small doses.” She pulled back and gently punched his arm, hoping to disguise the bit of truth in her joke.

Hope you all had a great weekend! See you next week!

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Listen to the Second Death soundtrack here.

You can purchase Second Death at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

The sequel to Second Death, tentatively titled Second Life, will be coming soon. Check back often for updates!



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