60 days to be a Writer – Day 3

So when I first finished SD, I remember everyone asking me, “How did you ever find time to do that?” At the time, it seemed like a really odd question. I was a stay at home mom with an infant. She slept a lot and was easily entertained. What else was I supposed to do?

Now I get it.

She’s four. Everything is, “Look at me do this! Look at this!” and “No, Mama! I can do it myself!” followed by the inevitable spill/rip/crash etc. 

I sit here and It’s almost 9pm. Where did the day go? And I’m so close to finishing my edits! Her Daddy is helping… almost. College football started today, the Huskers are playing, and the Monkey’s grasp on the finer points of zone defense is lacking. She’s still asking about the numbers on the field.

On the writing field, I only have three little scenes to write, (my editor wants me to make my villain more scary, and since my readers don’t live in my head, she does have a point.) Also, my first article will be on Examiner.com soon. I’ll do a post and a link once it’s up.

And on that note… anyone want to babysit? Please?? 


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