60 Days to be a Writer – Days 7 through 9

Hello all! I’m trying to get caught up on my journey posts. I’ve been on vacation. Go ahead, point and call me a slacker. I’m okay with that, the vacation was well deserved.

Any parents reading this will understand how hard it is to work (on anything) and deal with a kid at the pool/beach. Needless to say, next to nothing was done in the states of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Here, in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, I did get something done. Actually, I got some pretty momentous things done imho.

I realized the book I reread and was going to work on was a great beginning to a story with no plot. *Que deflated balloon noise*

I then did some research and some meditating and fixed it! I’m actually going to cover this on my next Examiner article, so I don’t want to give it away. Needless to say, the realization was equal to getting popped in the forehead and told I could’ve had a V8. (I hate tomato and vegetable juice, so this scenario is more realistic than you might think.)

Some dates to remember:

Starting tomorrow, 9/8, I will be hosting a blog tour for  Stephanie Fleshman and Render, her YA Paranormal book. I’m such a sucker for those. If you want to jump ahead and get to know Stephanie, you can find her website here. There are tons of great prices so be sure to like and comment if you want to win! (I foresee many of these in the future, so be prepared.)

I should be getting my edits back on SD by the 24th. About the twentieth I will start pacing nervously, and this may spill out onto the blog. Plan accordingly.

My goal is to crank out a first draft of this new book by then. I also am going to work towards 2 Examiner.com articles a week. My fingers may fall off.

Unless something crazy/exciting/good/bad/awesome/newsworthy happens in regards to my writing career, I’ll be updating my journey posts once a week.

Anyone local and willing to babysit this month, let me know. Also, I may be inclined to post a vacation pic or two. If my fingers haven’t fallen off.

Thanks for checking in!

– Emily


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