60 days to be a Writer Day 17

Today Monkey asked me why I was always on my computer with books and writing all the time.  I tried to explain my goal, and all I got was “Yay! That means you can buy me toys and take me to McDonald’s!”

Seriously, what do you say to that?

I hope everyone enjoyed the Render tour.  Hopefully we will be doing one for me someday.

SD 2nd round edits will be back on 9/26.

I’ve had a couple of writing hangovers for my other project, tentatively called 3 Against 1. Any adivce on writing love scenes wherin the characters leave all “jelly-kneed” would be greatly appreciated. I’m so out of my depth. (My mom reads this blog, so jelly-kneed is as detailed as I’m going to get here.)

I have a few ideas I’m going to pitch to Cracked.com, one of my favorite comedy websites. I may use those lists I made up a while back. Who knows?

I have so much going on, I’m going to have to get super-organized. I always try, but have a hard time sticking with it. Any apps that have been helpful for you, please recommend.



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