Nothing Says “I’ll Love You Forever” Like a Dead-Mother-In-Law Diamond

This lady kills me! No pun intended…

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Things have been C-R-A-Z-Y lately with WANACon coming up (COOL OFFER AT THE END OF POST), Toddler-Stomach-Bug-of-Satan and just all the work that’s involved in global domination with little more at my disposal than duct tape, glitter and stolen swizzle sticks.

When I get tired, I get weird…okay weird-ER. Need to lighten things up. And nothing lightens the mood like death :D.

My family is pretty strange when it comes to the subject of “death.” And not like anyone is, per se, “normal” about death, but my family takes weird clean OFF “The Munster Family Scale” and lands us somewhere into the domain of a cross between Rob Zombie and Monty Python.

“The Zombie-Python Scale”?

Likely, this laissez faire attitude stems from a number of primary causes (beyond the obvious answer “mental illness”). One? Occupational. Mom was a nurse and came from a medical/military family. Dad? All soldiers and farmers.

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