Genocide: Only for Mosquitoes

I know that most things, even ones I don’t like, are here for a reason. Do I hate things that fly and sting? Absolutely. Are bees and their evil kin useful for flower pollination, thus maintaining the floral circle of life, giving herbivores stuff to eat and almost everything air to breathe? Well, yeah. Dammit.

Then there is the mosquito. Other than population control due to all diseases they spread, what do they bring to the table? Significant cursing? Keeping the calamine lotion and bug spray industry going? The answer is: nothing that can’t be replaced or will be missed.

Why all this sudden vitriol? How’s about eight freaking mosquito bites in five days! Not only that, for some stupid reason, they always go for my feet. I could have a head wound gushing blood and Nature’s A-holes would still bite my feet. God, I hate them.

But back to my point, if we got rid of every stinking one of the species that drink blood, what would happen? Occurrences of diseases like Malaria and West Nile would drop, and because humans are AWESOME, we’ll find new, more fun ways to kill each other. Same goes for population control on critters. We invented the wheel; between us and nature, plenty of things are still gonna die. What about all the creatures that eat mosquitoes, you say? Turns out that mosquitoes are either not the main source of food and won’t be missed, or there are plenty of other little critters to supplement their diet.

Not only that, there’s someone who agrees with me. Janet Fang. Not only is her name awesome, but she maintains we could eradicate them and be just fine. No really, it’s SCIENCE! She did the research so I didn’t have to. Read here.

So now the only question is:

Thank you Seth Macfarlane

Thank you Seth Macfarlane


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