I’d like to take a moment to apologize for the sudden absence in blogging. I have a really great excuse. It’s one of two big announcements, and the bigger of the two at that.

This happened:photo

If we connect through Facebook, this is old news, but it’s worth mentioning again. : )

Now just to confirm I’m the worst parent ever: I abhor being pregnant. The only thing that makes it easier the second round is knowing the end result. Which is pretty cool. Monkey has named kid 2 either Nugget (a boy) or Noodle (a girl.) The husband hates these nicknames, but it’s probably already too late.

But Emily,” you say, “lots of women don’t like being pregnant. That doesn’t make you a bad parent.” You know what, you’re right.

This does:


Given the foreseeable un-funness awaiting me for the the next nine months, and the fact that the awesome payoff is going to take for-ev-er to get here… I’m more excited (today) about my other awesome announcement.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not as awesome as the addition of a new family member, however — it was painless and offered nearly instant gratification.

There’s a joke there somewhere, isn’t there? Ah, well. Pregnancy brain is strong with this one. I’m full of stupid.

Check back Thursday for the other awesome stuff!


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