$h!t My Girls Say – #1

$h!t My Girls Say is a sporadic post when I include things that Monkey, and eventually Pinwin, say that is just… well… you’ll see. They can be funny, sweet, and just plain wrong, but regardless, I love the little mouths they come from.

(At a Girl Scout meeting)

Troop Leader: What kind of things do we need to grow big and strong?

Girl 1: We need fruits.

Girl 2: Water.

Girl 3: And vegetables.

Troop Leader: That’s right! *notices Monkey raising her hand* *I beam because my child raises her hand!* What else do we need Monkey?

Monkey: *carefully considers her answer, as if she didn’t expect to actually be called on* Um… Oh! We need prunes for when we have bad poops!

Me: :/


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