$h!t My Girls Say – #2

$h!t My Girls Say is a sporadic post when I include things that Monkey, and eventually Pinwin, say that is just… well… you’ll see. They can be funny, sweet, and just plain wrong, but regardless, I love the little mouths they come from.

(In the car, discussing snakes — her choice.)

Me: Snakes lay eggs, but their shells aren’t hard like the ones from the store. They’re squishy, and when they come out, the babies are like little adult snakes. They don’t need their mommy and daddy to take care of them.

Monkey: Oh. Like the little people on wrestling?

Me: (Here’s my thought process following her statement: She thinks Little People come from eggs?! Oh dear Lord, please don’t ever let her say this in public, I’ll die. Or wait, does she think they don’t need their mommies and daddies? No! I get it. She sees them as little adults. Okay, that’s not so bad. I’m not the worst parent in the world. Yet. Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh.) No, baby. The little people on wrestling were babies first too. They needed their mommies just like you did. *bite my lip and search for something shiny to distract her* Look, Monkey! Goats!


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