Featured Author: Holly Hudspeth

I met Holly through our massage therapist, oddly enough. I was talking to her about books I like, what I write, etc., (because for some reason when I lay down I get logorrhea,) and she said, “You need to meet Holly, you two are peas in a pod.” And seriously, this woman is one of my author soulmates. One of the funniest things about her is how much she reminds me of my husband, which is also one of the many reasons I adore her.

Take it away Holly!

Because it’s the first question everyone asks, why did you want to become a writer?

I have loved reading ever since I can remember, and I have a crazy imagination. When I was a little girl, I would fall asleep by writing stories in my head, and that continued on into adulthood. Also, recently I saw a post on Facebook that said “I wrote my first book because I wanted to read it” and that couldn’t be more true for me. I had no expectations when I wrote my first book, I just wanted to get my story out there and see what happened. I couldn’t be more excited about how people have embraced it.

Because it’s the second question everyone asks, where do you get your ideas?

I grew up watching a lot of fantasy-based movies and TV shows, and was a gamer from about age 5. RPG’s and fantasy games were (and still are!) my favorite. It started on Atari, and then I upgraded to NES etc, so fantasy was my whole world. I would start fleshing out characters and worlds in my head from a super young age, and it just got bigger and more elaborate over the years. I pull ideas from literally every aspect of my life these days. You can see inspiration everywhere you go!

How many books have you written to date?

I have four published books right now, with the fourth book in The Skyy Huntington Series coming soon. The Lie and The Countess were published in 2013, The Pursuit in 2014, and Guided by Moonlight in 2015. Book four in the series will also be 2015.

Can you pick a favorite? If so, which one?

The Countess is probably my favorite, with Guided by Moonlight a close second.

Can you tell me a little about your favorite character to have written?

I loved embellishing on Elizabeth Bathory. She was really nasty in real life, so adding fantasy elements to her history was SO much fun. I am not sure she is my favorite character, but she was fun to write. I think my favorite character is either Aiden, or Lucius.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I am a pantser mostly. I will have certain plot points I know I want to hit, and always know how my book will start and end, but everything in between just “happens”

How do you write? With music? Silence? In the morning or late at night? Are your characters voices in your head, or do you see scenes like a movie? Do you need to work things out on paper first? What process do you prefer, (Scrivener, Snowflake Method, Scaffolding Method, a bulleted outline in Word)?

When I write, it totally plays out like a scene in a movie for me in my head! I write in Word, though I would like to try Scriviner. I wish I had some fancy, elaborate answer for you, but my manuscripts are pretty much basic. I write it all out, then edit, then send it to editor, then edit again. I can’t write to music with words, and am a huge classical music fan, so most of the time I put on either classical music, or movie scores. Some of my favorites are Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack (terrible game, great soundtrack) Gladiator soundtrack, Braveheart soundtrack, Pompeii soundtrack. As for when I write, that is all over the place now that I have a son, but I have to schedule it so I am not interrupted…so either after he is in bed at night, or if I get someone to watch him during the day.

What are your top three favorite books or series?

Seriously? You’re going to make me pick favorites! Evil! Lol….well for series I loved Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Tessa Dawn’s Blood Curse series is AMAZING, and she is such a wonderful person! She gave me some advice when I first started out, and will cherish it forever. Jeanne Kalogridis wrote a series back in the 90s that I liked a lot, The Diaries of the Family Dracul. It’s hard to just pick a few!

Who are your top three favorite authors in your genre?

Tessa Dawn, Elizabeth Hunter, Karen Marie Moning

Do you have a book boyfriend/girlfriend? If you have more than one, (because, well who doesn’t?) please list your top three.

Aiden from my own series is kind of my crush.

If you could interview your favorite literary character, what would be the one question you’d ask?

Dracula: How exactly do you turn into mist or fog?!

What is the one part of writing you dread? Editing? Reviews? Marketing? Talking to fans?

EDITING, EDITING, EDITING! This SO MUCH! I cuss up a storm when I have to edit. I hate Word. I hate editing.

What have you found to be the best way to overcome this?

There really isn’t a way to overcome it. Even after you send your book off to be edited, you still have to go over it, and make the final decisions. Ugh.

If you could go back to the day you finished the first draft of your first book, what advice would you give yourself?

Pay for professional editing, instead of trying to wing it and hope for the best! I had no idea my first book would take off the way it did, and I am a perfectionist, and there were some editing issues that embarrassed me.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Getting to travel and do live book signings and events. Meeting and interacting with both new and established fans is SO much fun. That, and actually realizing that I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, that actually sells books….I still can’t believe it! Dream come true!

You walk into a bar and happen to sit next to your favorite author. What’re you going to say, besides gushing?

Tessa Dawn: “What are we drinking? Because we’re gonna be here a while!”

I asked Holly for a bit about her most recent book. This is what I get… probably because I made her start choosing favorites! ; >

It is way too much to put into a small blurb. My series is fast-paced and reads like a movie. You can check out a book trailer, and buy all my books on my Amazon page. If you want very detailed explanations of the series, my website has all that!

About Holly:

holly hudspethHolly Hudspeth is a Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance author living in Texas. The Skyy Huntington series is a dark fantasy romance adventure that consists of three books: The Lie, The Countess, and The Pursuit. Book 4 will be out in late 2015. Guided By Moonlight – Lucius’ Story is a stand-alone dark fantasy novel based on a secondary character from The Skyy Huntington Series.

Holly’s passion for literature began from the first moment she learned how to read, and she has been writing short stories for the last 16 years. She enjoys writing fantasy, paranormal, romance, and horror stories, and has also created short stories based on avatars she played in online video games such as Everquest and World of Warcraft. She also likes to weave in historical figures and facts into her novels.

In her spare time, Holly likes to play video games, collect comic books, go to renaissance fairs and comic cons, travel, garden, and spend time with her family and friends. She and her husband currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas with their young son Gavin, and their 4 dogs which are spoiled rotten.

Holly loves to hear from her readers, so if you enjoyed The Skyy Huntington Series, please feel free to give her your feedback! And as always, if you read a book you enjoy, be sure to support the author with a great review on Amazon.

If you are an author looking to do a blog swap or would like your book featured on Holly’s blog, please contact via email.

You can connect with Holly on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as her website.

Thank you Holly!


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