sd ebook cover 2016 flattened
Second Death, March 2016

When Meghan Monroe went missing, her twin brother Mike swore to find her. The harder he looked, the less he seemed to find until he came across a book called The Collector. If his hunch is correct, his professor, Claire Wallace, holds the key to finding his sister. But no one knows better than Claire that finding Meghan might be the least of Mike’s worries.

After he ignores her warnings to go home and forget about the book, Claire must make a choice: let Mike’s discoveries lead him to certain death, or face down her own demons to help him. Knowing The Collector is much more fact than fiction, Claire must decide whether to protect the secret she has
kept for eighty years, or reveal her true nature to save another girl from sharing the same dark fate.

Available at

sl ebook coverSecond Life, March 2016

She thought her trials were over…

When she ended the Second Life of the serial killer turned vampire responsible for her own transformation, Claire assumed she’d be able to move on with her life. The “man” was a literal monster, and the world would be better off without him.

If only the rest of her world shared that opinion.

With the help of new allies Claire must race against the clock to prove her acts justifiable… or risk following her tormentor to the grave. And as for Mike, whose rescue was the catalyst for her current troubles, what kind of life will he awaken to? And will he ever forgive her for her actions that night?

In the thrilling sequel to Second Death, the story of Claire Wallace and Mike Monroe continues to unfold, immersing readers in the complex and often brutal world of the supernatural. A world that exists all around us.

Available at for Kindle and print.

cover teaserServant of the Three, September 2016

Astrid, of the House of Traylan, is a killer. It is all she has ever been, all she will ever be. So sayeth the Three, the gods of her people, whose will dictates every aspect of their followers lives. Yet when she wakes one morning to find her country under attack and its rigid social construct in tatters, the freedom she’s always yearned for is now an unfamiliar path wrought with dangers.

And it is a path she has no choice but to follow.

With the help of Faren, an assassin shunned due to his lack of conformity, Astrid fights her way through occupied and hostile territory in hopes of finding out who she really was… before the Three dictated she be removed from her family and given as a servant to the gods.

And as for her answers… they will not only alter Astrid’s fate, but the fate of her country as well.

In Servant of the Three, rules will be broken, prophecies fulfilled, and destinies realized, all in an effort to answer the question: Do you try to resurrect a flawed system? Or take the risk and watch the world burn?

Catch a sneak peek, exclusively at the end of Second Life!

*The image above is not the final cover, and is derived from an image by Ilker Ender, flikr creative commons

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