What a year!

It’s been some time since I’ve updated. I want to thank you all for your support since the launch of Second Life. I’m still finishing up Servant of the Three, but in the meantime, I’d love to see you on Friday! I’ll be at the World Dracula Symposium celebrating the 120th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula! There will be tons of vampire authors, book signings, and amazing keynote speakers. Click here for more information. Hope to see you there!


NaNoWriMo: The Home Stretch

nano end 2Two. Days.

That’s all you have to do. Write two more days.

I know it’s been a beating of a month; I am 100% there with you. But we didn’t come this far to give up now. We’re going to get this thing done and out of our heads! It’s time for those voices to be heard by someone other than ourselves. We are going to write our asses off, until our keyboard goes up in flames!!!!

And then go drink a lot of wine.

And then, when we’ve suitably recovered, only then will we worry about editing. If you’re a perfectionist, December 1st is when you get to go through your manuscript with he Red Pen of Doom and fix everything you’ve let slide until now. We just have to get through these last two days first.

Or have you already finished, you fantastic person you? Congratulations! The Men Memes and I are so very, very proud of you! I can’t wait to hear all about your triumphs. But… since it’s still November… why don’t you find someone who needs a little extra encouragement to get through these last few days? After all, we started this $hit together. Let’s end it that way!

On a completely different subject, I feel kinda bad. Those of you who know me know that my celebrity crush has been Chris Hemsworth for years. And yet I haven’t posted any memes with him in it, and so many of Tom Hiddleston. And hey, I wanna snuggle the crap out of Tom.

So, in honor of us rocking the $hit out of NaNo this month, I give you:

nano end

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 3,334

Cumulative Word Count: 50,000

NaNoWriMo: Week 4

Listen to Ryan. He’s right! We’re almost done!

You’re doing so well, I just know it! And here’s the thing: if you didn’t get all 11,669 words done last week, it’s okay. Like I said before, it’s all about looking forward. Don’t stress about playing catch up and writing all the words you missed in one night. Get your 1,667 in today. And hey, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, you’ll hit a stride and get caught up, or even, *gasp!* ahead! Baby steps, kids. We’re on our last full week, and we got this.

nanoDaily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 46,676

NaNoWriMo: Week 3

Congratulations! This is the halfway point! We made it!

week 3

I decided to forgo the usual hunky, keep writing meme for this much more subdued, and 100% true one.

“Because a terrible, rushed first draft is still better than having nothing written at all.”


Honestly, unless you somehow forgot where your story is going, don’t go back and read what you’ve already written. Just don’t. This is not the month for editing. This is the month for writing. And whatever you’re writing, you can always, always fix it in editing… next month.

I know it’s hard. But you can do it. Because you’re awesome… and deserve another meme.

sherlock nano

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 35,007

NaNoWriMo: Week Two

tumblr_mxurcgauxq1rbp59ao1_500Hello fellow NaNo-ers! How’s it going?? We’ve made it through week one! Yay! And Tom Hiddleston is so proud of us.

Now is the time when you’re really learning about the amount of planning you need for NaNo. And if you’re noticing you’re a little short on that front, don’t worry! Just keep writing! The time for looking back is over. It was in October. Now we’re working on getting into the habit of writing a decent chunk of story, every single day.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make every goal you’ve set for yourself. You’ve committed to a massive undertaking, something lesser mortals look at and can only shake their heads.

They didn’t even have the confidence to start, and here you are, already through week one. I knew you could do it.

Now then:

idris elba

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 23,338

NaNoWriMo: Week One

‘Twas the night before Nano…

Ya’ll, I am so excited. My story is an idea I’ve had for awhile, one I’ve loved, and one that’s stalled. Like 20k words and then… nothing.

But now! NaNo has given me the motivation to work out the kinks and add another 50k to that word count.


I’ve been getting everything ready for tomorrow: I’ve got my playlist ready. My chapter by chapter outline is in Scrivener. I’ve moved the content I already had where it needs to be, worked on a few formatting hiccups, (because I know they will distract me later.) And I read what I wrote before.

Omigosh, I love these guys! I forgot how much I love my two main characters’ story. I have goosebumps. This is definitely the time to let them out.


And I wish you all the same this NaNo. Or any time you get that one story that just has to be told. Good luck to all of you this week! (Also, I had waaay too much fun finding memes. #sorrynotsorry)

at-dawn-we-writeDaily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 11,669

NaNoWriMo: T-Minus 10 days! Are you ready?

Whelp! It’s that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month is fast approaching. For years I’ve been on the edge… this year, I’m gonna jump. You coming or what?

“But Emily,” you wail, “I can’t! It’s too hard. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I don’t know where to begin!”



Now that we’ve moved past this, here’s some tips to get you going. I’m going to do this. You’re going to do this. We’re going to rock it’s socks off.

  1. How long is your novel? Are you writing closer to 50k or 100k? The answer is going to help you determine pacing and how far you need to be come December 1st.
  2. Why haven’t you already written this? You have an idea, somewhere about this novel, and yet you haven’t put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as it were.) What’s stopped you? What’s gotten you stuck or kept you from starting? For me, I’ve had a great premise, but the details of the plot were stalled. I needed better stakes, more personal stakes for anyone to give a crap about my protagonist.
  3. Time to make an outline. I know. It sucks. I hate it. I’m a pantser, outlines take the joy out of writing for me. Here’s the thing: you’re looking at hitting a daily word count of 1700 words, give or take. Now, when I actually sit down and write, this is an easy goal for me. Yet, when you want to hit that goal every day and have to deal with… I don’t know, life, you have no time to get stalled. See the previous tip. Now is the time to work out the kinks, and outlining is going to help you find them before November.
  4. You do, in fact, have the time. In regards to the previous point, some kind of beginning-to-end game plan is going to be your friend. Before writing this post, I sat down and did my outline. I worked on the flaws. I answered questions about motivations and background that I need to know so that I can write something that makes sense for my readers. And do you know how long that took me? Maybe an hour and a half max. I don’t have every chapter planned out. I don’t have the time or the inclination to do so, (plus when my characters start talking they just stomp all over everything anyway. Jerks.)

    It's taken me longer to get this blog post written and ready to go.

    It’s taken me longer to get this blog post written than outline a 50,000 word novel. I’m a fiction girl, what can I say?

  5. Bring a buddy. Of course you’ll have me. But there are millions of other people going through the same struggle this November. Sign up at http://nanowrimo.org and add me as a buddy. We’re all in this together.

So there you go, let’s get started! Take this week to get a general idea of where you want to go with your November, and if you’re still stuck — FEAR NOT! Next week I’m doing a post about some of my favorite writing resources, just in time to fix stuff before November 1st. There will be both websites and books, but they’re all easily accessible and totally skim-throughable. Because honestly, I don’t want to read a book cover to cover about writing. I want to be writing.


**** Addendum! You have to go by usernames, not actual names. So when you want to add me as a buddy, search for writerreese!