60 days to be a Writer – Day 6

Hey! I got in before midnight tonight! Look at me trying to keep normal hours!

As promised, my first Examiner.com article is now live and can be found here.

About 2 seconds after I posted my last entry, my editor emailed me to let me know when she would give me a return date on SD. Bless that wonderful woman.

In the mean time, I went back and looked at another project I worked on after SD. I’ve actually been itching to get back into it for some time. Like I said yesterday, I needed a break from vampires. So as I read over it, something happened. I consider it the absolute best, most exciting part of being a writer.

I liked what I was reading. I felt for my characters, as a reader. I want to know what happens next!

That feeling, that event is what gives me the confidence to publish and make a go of this writing thing. If I know what happens, but I still get nervous; if I know a romance is brewing but still get a little flutter in my gut when my characters have a “moment.” If we are our worst critics and I’m reading a first un-edited draft going, “Yeah! I love this!” 

Then maybe someone else will feel that way too. And maybe, I might actually have something.

I hope that doesn’t sound too egotistical. I just get excited when I still like what I write after I’ve walked away from it.

So now I’m going to go figure out what happens. : )