Sin Eater 1.4 Review


Okay, so for the first three episodes of this series and the beginning of this one, I felt like there was a big focus on f-ed up demons doing f-ed up things to people. And some of that is fine, necessary even in regards to having good antagonists. But for someone who needs a little less hard core sex scenes in her books, it was wearing on me. It was so dark that it was all I could see when I would read, especially the last episode.

Now, in episode four, we can move past it. Wait! Before you go running off to read it, let me say this: the first chapter or two might be the most graphic sex scene yet, straight out of Rosemary’s Baby. But after that, and for the rest of the book, I got what I really wanted. I learned more about that backstory I’ve been waiting for, and more explanation of why things are the way they are in regards to Nik and Zeph’s relationship. I feel like the story has really picked up and is starting to be more about Nik than the demons stalking him.

This makes me happy. This is what I wanted to read about.

I can’t tell you if episode five is going to continue on this path, or if we’ll have more deviant demons doing deviant demon things. As long as the authors keep it, (at minimum) balanced, or lean more towards what gets done versus who, I’ll be a happy girl.

As of this posting, you can purchase episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4, simply by clicking on the episode you want, click here to pre-order episode 5, or click here to pre-order the entire season. You can learn more about author Jessica West here, and more about author PK Tyler here. Stay tuned for each episode’s review!